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The DIPUM Toolbox / Version 2 . . .

A set of nearly 120 new M-functions developed in the book Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB, 2nd edition

Please click here to learn more about the DIPUM Toolbox and  its requirements.


The Registered DIPUM Toolbox

The Registered DIPUM Toolbox contains the complete M-file source code for all the functions in the book. This toolbox is purchased by individuals who are interested in having the source code available for additional modifications, or simply to have the convenience on having access on the MATLAB desktop to help for each function.

The cost of a Single User license of the Registered DIPUM Toolbox is $29.95 USD.

Click the Buy Now button on the right to purchase.

The P-Code DIPUM Toolbox (and DIPUM 2/e Support Package)

In the P-Code DIPUM Toolbox, the M-functions are formatted in P-code. The functions are fully functional, but the original code cannot be seen or modified, and help text cannot be displayed. The P-code toolbox is obtained primarily by individuals who have the book and are interested in using the functions without the capability to modify the code.  The P-Code Toolbox is available at no cost to individuals who have purchased a new book. It comes as part of the DIPUM 2/e Support Package (click here for details).

If you have a used book, a Single User License of the P-code Toolbox and DIPUM 2/e Support Package can be purchased for $39.95 USD. Click the Buy Now button on the right to purchase.

Provide Us with a Permanent Email Address

When ordering either version of the Toolbox, we encourage you to provide a permanent email address where you can be notified of subsequent releases of the Toolbox. We will not give your email address to anyone.


Site licenses are available also. Please write to sales ~at~ gatesmark.com (type @ instead of ~at~) for information.


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